2015 Young Chang 5’2″ model Y-157 Baby Grand Piano

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Project Description

Young Chang 5’2″ Y-157 Baby Grand Piano

Young Chang Grand pianos feature all top quality materials and craftsmanship including solid spruce soundboards as well as all of the new Del Fandrich designs with the unique floating soundboard and direct coupled bass bridge for fuller bass response on even the smallest grands.
The design also features an evenness of tone throughout the entire range including the transition from bass to tenor sections. All grands have all maple action parts and double coated cold pressed hammer felt for superior tonal quality.

Spruce soundboards
Spruce soundboards with highest sound transmission.

Young Chang uses A-Northern Solid Spruce for soundboards, providing excellent tonal quality. The soundboard. back posts, key frame and keyboard used in the Young Chang Edition are made of carefully selected first»class materials. The new rib designs provide more efficient sound board response, improved sustain and better bass to tenor total balance.

Precise action

Precise action that expresses the pianist’s emotion more delicately

The three factors of beautiful sound in a piano volume, tone and quality depend on the precise action of the sound producing mechanism of a piano. The action of a Young Chang piano consists of 4,500 parts each manufactured with an error tolerance of 5/100mm, and made of hard maple to resist deformation from excessive use.

pianist keyboard
A keyboard that conveys the soul of the pianist

Young Chang keyboards are made of spruce and weighted and balanced giving the pianist a more responsive touch.

Piano Hammers
Hammers conveying the dynamic expression of the pianist

Hammers are adjusted to strike the strings in less than 1/250 of a second. Hammers are made of maple, walnut and mahogany with Royal George felt and platinum blue or red full underfelt. Hammers are cold pressed to maximize tonal quality and longer life.

This piano is in like-new condition, used only for rentals.

Closeout price: $6495