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1975 Steinway M 5’7″, rebuilt, walnut $18,950


Owner is downsizing and asked us to find an appreciative new home for this lovely Steinway.  Action is all new, non-Teflon parts.  Excellent tone and touch; includes matching bench, humidity control system, local ground floor delivery, and first tuning in your home or church.  New retail price is $96,500, so this is a great opportunity!  [...]

1998 Schimmel SP-182T 6 ft ebony polish grand piano $19,950


One owner, gorgeous ebony polish cabinet in excellent condition, including matching Jansen artist bench. Amazing tone and touch with all the promise of German design and construction. Freshly regulated, voiced, tuned and cleaned.  New retail price would be approximately $70,000. $19,950

2006 Estonia L-190 pyramid mahogany 6’3″ grand piano


One owner, magnificent cabinet in perfect condition, including matching adjustable artist bench. Fabulous tone, refined touch. Estonia pianos are named for their country of origin. After more than 70 years of manufacturing, they have become the quality European piano of choice for many in the U.S. A new model L-190 has a suggested retail price [...]

2003 Vogel (by Schimmel) 177CL 5’10” grand piano – $13,950


Beautiful European design and craftsmanship! Built in 2003, this piano is in near perfect condition. Extremely light use, striking ebony polish cabinet. Great touch and tone. Includes local ground floor delivery, matching adjustable bench, one tuning after delivery, and one year warranty. New retail price would be about $75,000. Don't wait to come see and [...]

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