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1997 Yamaha DC-2 5’8″ grand piano w/ player system – $13,950


Excellent condition, ebony satin finish, very light wear, beautifully clean.  Freshly regulated and tuned. This has the older Disklavier system that runs on floppy disks, and works perfectly.  This type of software is still available online, but if you would like to upgrade the system to the current wireless system that can be done for [...]

2003 Kawai RX-1 5’5″ walnut baby grand piano – $11,995


One owner, very light wear, one if Kawai's most popular models, perfect size for most homes, or a small church or teaching studio. Great touch, wonderful tone.  Beautiful walnut cabinet, no sun fading, matching bench.  Freshly regulated and tuned.  Retail price for a new model is $35,495. $11,995

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