Dear Mr. Spencer-Smith:

I have mentioned to you personally how grateful I am for your involvement with Carroll through the KAWAI College Loan Program. The benefits have been immeasurably wonderful and our students have profited a great deal.

Mrs. Etchart and Professor Munzenrider speak warmly of their relationship with you and how satisfied they are with how smoothly all of the aspects of the cooperative program have worked. This is due to your gracious good manners and gentlemanly sensitivity. We enjoy working with you.

I am personally grateful for the donations that you have made to Carroll College from the set-up of the original piano loan inventory in September 1997, through the donation of two Kawai PN 70 digital pianos in July 1998. We will make appropriate public notice of these most recent donations so that students and the public will recognize the contribution you have made.

For my own personal part, as I have mentioned to you, the sound of your pianos is glorious. When I was down in the Grayson Center, I touched a few keys on the concert grand and was astounded by the richness and duration of the sound. This is excellence in a tangible, experiential way which our students will be able to appreciate. Please know that you are a rich part of our educational success.

Thank you again for all you do.

Matthew J. Quinn, Carroll College

Thanks for checking for me. I’ll order it today, via the web site. Please follow up if necessay, and thanks for your help with this order. Your customer service has been great.

Merry Christmas!

The piano arrived about a half hour after I sent the e-mail. Our daughter, Jennifer, had a piano when she as a little girl and loved to sit and play. Years later we bought an Aerosonic which she took lessons on. Now when our granddaughter, Meghan, comes to visit she loves to sit and play. Although she is only 1 1/2 she takes her grandpa by the fingers to sit with her. They play the old standby “Chopsticks.” Now she will have her own piano at her house in Rhode Island.

Thank you so much for the excellent service.

Betty Forristall

Yesterday, the [Suzuki HP-110D] piano arrived! It was better than I had expected, the sound is great. It was easy to assemble and it looks beautiful. My daughter won’t stop playing.

Thank you very much


I received the CPS-7 digital piano on Wednesday November 24th. Thanks alot. He really enjoyed having it to practice on over the long weekend. Maybe we will be ready for that recital after all!

P.S. I have recommended you to a friend with a piano student also. We’ll see.

Brenda Campbell
Hi Dianne,

I just wanted to THANK YOU again for the delightful digital Kawai I got from you – I am absolutely enjoying playing again and I have to tell you, one of the songs in the play-back memory of this piano is LARGO by [Dvorak] – I played this song for my mother 6 years ago when she… was in hospice…  it was the first time in 3 days she responded and she even spoke to me!  So finding Largo on this piano… set me into… joyous tears…   Thank you Dianne for your wonderful pianos!!


Penny K

Penny K

Montana Showroom